Growsafe Beneficial Soil Microbes, 25kg

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Growsafe Spreadable Soil Microbes provide easy application of a complete range of beneficial soil bacteria & fungi, and are suitable for all plant and soil types.

The easy-to-use granules contain microbe species such as Mycorrhizae, Bacilli, Trichoderma, Rhizobium and more combined with Trace Minerals.

These beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil fertility and plant performance – improving germination, root heath and plant access to water & nutrients.

Growsafe Spreadable Soil Microbes contain 270 Billion CFU (Colony Forming units) of total bacteria and fungi per kilogram.

N.P.K ratio 6.5:1:5. Fe 3.5 Mg 2.0


  1. Azotobacter – Nitrogen-fixing bacteria that draw atmospheric N into the soil.
  2. Bacilli – Bacteria that assist in soil conditioning, accessing nutrient reserves & building soil structure.
  3. Mycorrhizae – Fungi that assist mineral uptake and nutrient recycling processes in plants, including locked-up or in insoluble elements.
  4. Pseudomonas – Soldier bacteria within the rhizosphere that help protect the plant root zone.
  5. Rhizobium – Symbiotic bacteria that facilitate nutrient transfer in the root nodules of leguminous plants.
  6. Trichoderma – Fungi that improve plant health and natural immunity by acting as natural antagonists to pathogens


Application rates –

Established Plants – Apply 10-30gm per plant (1 tsp0 or 50-100gm per square metre on the soil surface and water in. Repeat on an annual basis

Planting – Incorporate 10-30gm per plant (1tsp) into the planting hole and water well to achieve adequate soil moisture

Potting or Soil Mix – Mix 500gm-1kg per cubic metre of soil or potting medium

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For Safety Data Sheet, please download here.

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