TerraCottem Universal Soil conditioner – 10kg

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TerraCottem Universal is the “original” TerraCottem soil conditioner. Since it was launched in 1993, the product has constantly evolved with better performing polymers, fertiliser and carrier material to further enhance root and plant growth and reduce inputs. This is still the TerraCottem to use in most applications such as trees, shrubs, revegetation, annuals, perennials, roof gardens, horticulture and potting soils.

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The TerraCottem soil conditioners are a proprietary mixture of more than twenty components each from different groups all assisting in the plant growth processes in a synergistic way:

  • Growth precursors or biostimulants
  • Cross-linked hydro-absorbent polymers or hydrogels
  • Specially selected fertilizers
  • Carrier materials

TerraCottem works at root level

TerraCottem is a potent, dry, granular product. You mix it in small quantities with the soil. That’s where the action takes place, at root level. It’s important to get good root development from the very start. That’s how you lay the foundation for thriving and lasting plant growth.

TerraCottem is activated by watering the plant

Compare it with charging a battery. Once charged, the “magic” starts. The hydro-absorbent polymers or hydrogels contained within TerraCottem start to swell upon contact with water. They absorb water and nutrients and expand into a gel-like substance. And oh, correction: better compare TerraCottem with a rechargeable battery as the soil conditioner will have numerous dry / wet cycles during a period of 8 years.

The polymers absorb the water and fertilisers

Water and nutrients are absorbed at root level by the hydrogels. In soils with low water retention, that water and part of the nutrients would normally be lost to leaching and evaporation.

100g of TerraCottem can be “charged” with over 5 litres of water!

This water is then kept at the disposal of the plant that accesses the stored water on demand through its root hairs, keeping the water in the root zone for a longer period of time. As such, both the volume and frequency of necessary irrigation can be reduced up to 50%.

As said earlier, the hydrogels also absorb nutrients within that soil solution. TerraCottem’s specially selected fertilisers provide a balanced nutrition of both macro and micro-elements to the plants.

The growth precursors encourage root hair growth

These root hairs grow inside the polymers and absorb the required amount of water and nutrients. The growth precursors play a very important role in the initial growth phase of the plant. They are TerraCottem’s trade secret. They are but a fraction of the product – 0.25% to be precise – but potent and crucial for plant growth! These biostimulants activate root cell elongation and differentiation. In other words, they stimulate the plant to grow more and longer roots, faster. The bigger and healthier the root system, the bigger and healthier the plant.

In addition, roots are encouraged to grow more rapidly to depths where more water is present.

Tree and shrub planting
Reforestation and land restoration
Flower and shrub beds, roof gardens, lawns, etc.
Window boxes, hanging baskets and containers

When planting and just before seeding.

Just once.

Healthier plants & increased yields
Increased survival rate
Increased water retention capacity
Water savings up to 50%
Stronger & deeper root development
Faster & better plant establishment
Higher resistance to drought and diseases
Better use of fertilizer
Enable plant growth in degraded, saline or otherwise marginal soils

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