Apparent Bow Saw Metsulfuron 600, 500gram

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Introducing Apparent Bow Saw Metsulfuron 600, a powerful solution for controlling certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereal crops, as well as broadleaf weeds and brush species in pastures, rights of way, commercial, and industrial areas.

When it comes to weed control, we understand the importance of targeting specific threats that can damage crops and hinder the growth of desired plant species. That's why Indigo Specialty developed Apparent Bow Saw Metsulfuron 600, a trusted ally in combating these problematic broadleaf weeds.

This product contains a highly effective active ingredient, metsulfuron, which specifically targets and controls a range of broadleaf weeds. By selectively targeting these weeds, it allows for the growth and development of your winter cereal crops and desired plant species, ensuring optimal yields and a healthy ecosystem.

This product is designed for targeted use, minimising any potential impact on non-target plants and surrounding environments. We believe in striking a balance between effective weed control and environmental stewardship.

Whether you're a farmer, land manager, or responsible for maintaining commercial and industrial areas, this product provides a reliable solution to tackle broadleaf weeds and brush species. This product is backed by rigorous research and development, ensuring its effectiveness and compatibility with various application scenarios.

Solution for precise and targeted control of broadleaf weeds, allowing your crops and desired plant species to thrive while minimising negative impacts on the environment. Together, let's cultivate a sustainable future for our agricultural landscapes and surrounding areas.

Use as per the Directions for Use table.

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Apparent Bow Saw Metsulfuron 600



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