ArborTab Native Tree Tablets - 10g

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ArborTab Native Tree Tablets - 10g - These compact, easy to use fertiliser tablets eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry materials and provide a safe, scientifically complete plant food which provides a plant growth response for up to one year.

Planting tablets fill the continuing need for all plants for a full range of nutrients. During the first year of establishment, the demand for plant food is not great in terms of total nutrients, but continuous availability is critical for the development of healthy roots and vigorous top growth.

ArborTab Native Tree Tablets - 10g are suitable for phosphorous sensitive species such as Banksias and Grevilleas. They have a very low phosphorous level.

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Special Advantages

  • Safe, easy to handle, convenient
  • ArborTab Planting tablets provide a plant growth response for up to 1 year in warm climates - this reduces labour and materials for reapplications
  • The simplicity of pre-measured tablets insures uniform and adequate fertilisation
  • Supervisory time is reduced. Count and placement of tablets can be easily verified by inspection after installation
  • Root zone placement eliminates feeding surface rooted weeds and grass. No surface residue to wash away
  • Leach resistant properties of tablet protect underground water from pollution
  • Tablets available to suit both phosphorous sensitive natives and general trees and shrubs

Product Specifications

Tablet size - 10g
10kg Box (1000 tablets per box)


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